Jacob Dugopolski | Cultural District

Cultural District

Brooklyn Cultural District
WXY Architecture + Urban Design

SITE Downtown Brooklyn / Fort Greene
PROGRAM Streetscaping treatment to accent cultural institutions with new development in area, including lighting, seating, and planting
ROLE Project manager

Named as one of America’s Top 12 ArtPlaces of 2013, the Brooklyn Cultural District represents a crossroads of neighborhoods and world-class cultural institutions. Meeting with all stakeholders, WXY designed a unified streetscape plan as a cohesive identity for the diverse cultural groups and new developments.  This includes a unique paving mixture and scoring rhythm which creates a dynamic streetscape that accents the main entrances, with LED ground lights sparkling in the light during the day and night.  Also specified were a mixture of trees help to shade the various bench locations and provide points of gathering outside the two main plazas within the district and new LED street lights highlight the Ashland Place connection.

CRAINS NY 06.2014