Jacob Dugopolski | East Rock House

East Rock House

East Rock House Renovation
WXY Architecture + Urban Design

PRINCIPALS Claire Weisz, Mark Yoes, Layng Pew
SITE Deepwood Drive, New Haven, CT
PROGRAM renovated kitchen, dining, living, guest suite, new connector stair and terraces
ROLE Project Manager from Preliminary Design through Construction Administration, team included Marcus Hooks and Maiko Shimizu

Overlooking all of New Haven, the original tower on a hill was expanded over time in a hapzard and disconnected fashion. The renovation created a new circulation logic for the house and a reimagined ground floor. Clearing the original single car garage bay which was filled in and capped by a two-car garage, we greated a new axis to the city vista through a living room, kitchen, and cantelievered dining room. Terraces spill off both sides of the dining room and allow for new areas to enjoy the view. A new connector stair was added in between the original tower and addition to link the bedrooms and studio above.